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After settling at my desk in the newsroom, where the clatter of manual typewriters was ceaseless and the cigarette smoke thick, I asked the staff if anyone wanted coffee. “You’ll learn,” said city editor Rod Doherty. But that was the least of my lessons all those years ago. I learned journalism at The Transcript. And for that, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Doherty, who took a chance on me when there seemed no good reason to. I had never taken a journalism course when I arrived at The Transcript, much less earned a degree in it. I only wanted to write, an obsession since grammar school that I’d fed at Harvard and after graduating, when I worked for Delta Airlines at Logan International Airport while free-lancing news features and penning bad fiction (“We sacrificed to send you to Harvard so you could load bags onto airplanes?” my mother would say, but that’s another story). The fiction didn’t sell, though the free-lancing did tolerably well. Still, the income was hardly enough to pay the rent. So, during the spring and summer of 1978, minuscule resume in hand, I applied to newspapers throughout New England and beyond. Occasionally, a form rejection came back, but mostly, nothing.

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9 of the very first editions of famous American newspapers

Some of the first newspapers emerged in the 1800s and have been so successful that they continue to reach millions of readers two decades later. Here are nine of the very first editions of famous American newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post. Many of the most iconic American newspapers have been around since the 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution took off and made print more accessible to readers . To break into such a robust industry as newspapers in the 19th century was no easy feat, according to W. Joseph Campbell , media history professor at American University and author of ” Getting It Wrong: Debunking the Greatest Myths in American Journalism .” “Multiple newspapers in major cities were slugging it out, and it was a very challenging market for newspapers to break into,” Campbell told Business Insider. “The casualty rate was very high.” Once established, remaining stable through the introduction of digital media in the late 1900s brought on another layer of challenges for print publications , and print advertising revenue began to decline by the billions, AEI reported. According to Campbell, a few legacy brands have been able to withstand the influence of digital media due to key components they possessed early on, like a strong point of view, a publisher with deep pockets, and a competitive price, that allowed them to go the distance. You wouldn’t have guessed that from the front pages of their first issues, though, which looked drastically different than they do today. Here’s a fascinating look at the first issues of some of the most iconic American newspapers that still reach millions of readers today. The New York Times was founded as a morning newspaper in the mid-19th century among stiff competition. Its first front page had six columns of nothing but tightly packed text — not even a headline.

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